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You own the process for greater adoption.

Change Works Consulting handles change management differently. Instead of hiring a generalist to do each piece, we think you should own the process. In other words, we do the planning and monitoring, and you own the execution—at considerable cost savings for your organization.

And it starts with a workshop.

What we can do for you

We can help you build a plan that anticipates roadblocks and setbacks, whether they’re common or unique to your situation. From impact assessment to stakeholder development, we set you up for success.
Click below to review a case study which achieved 99.6% adoption and utilization.

Change at Every Level

We can help you build change from the ground up, ensuring that employees at each level become invested.

Culture-Shaped Solutions

Our solutions aren’t coercive, but instead work within the cultural realities of your organization.

Expecting the Unexpected

Nobody can always know what’s coming. But if we pay attention, we can see trouble before it becomes too hard to deal with.

Avoiding Unneeded Change

We help you avoid change for change’s sake. If there’s a simpler, less-disruptive and less-costly solution, we’ll help you find it.

Our 3-Tiered Pricing

Our essential and premium packages allow you to internalize work, saving you money on outside contractors, while adding the assurance that the work will be managed and measured, reducing both the cost and risk of adoption.


Contains an outlined communication plan, C-suite kickoff, a high-level impact assessment and plan for stability.

Essential +

Contains Essential, as well as a stakeholder analysis, a training needs analysis, and a detailed impact assessment.


Contains Essential and Essential+, as well as survey development to ensure quality feedback.

Ready for change?



Dig a little deeper and familiarize yourself with the process by reading questions that others have raised.

How do we know if change management is necessary for our project?
How much of your project is dependent on people changing their daily routines?
If you are changing utility companies, there might not be a great dependence on people to change. The north side of the building is always going to be cold. The south side of the building is going to be hot
Why does my company need change management anyway?
According to a recent McKinsey study, 70 percent of all implementations fail. Avon recently suspended an SAP installation because they failed to incorporate the field representatives in the design process. The cost $125 million.
If my project is not an ERP, do we still need change management?
Yes. Whenever processes or procedures are changing and there is a great dependence on people changing their daily routines, change management should be included
How long will the process take?
The more complex the change (moving from a legacy system to an ERP) the greater the time commitment

“Clarence is an excellent presenter and communicator. We worked together on training the sales leadership teams at ATT Wireless to utilize our new ERP for sales opportunities, leads, and forecasts. I consider my experiences with Clarence at ATT to be some of the most successful (and fun) implementations in my wireless career. Clarence was always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.”

— Jesse Kirkland, Project Manager at ATT Wireless

Meet Clarence

I am Clarence Thomas, principal consultant of Change Works Consulting. We feel that change management should be uncomplicated.

I have over 10 years of change management experience. I have Prosci Change Management certification. I use the ADKAR Methodology. I am passionate about moving a collective group of people from your present state to your desired future state.

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