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Clarence Thomas

Hi, Clarence here…I am the CCO for Change Works Consulting. Between training and change management, I have over 15 years of experience and 2 change management certifications. Prosci, Change Guides and ACM course from Microsoft. I am a Microsoft Partner.

Change Management




Helping companies and small consulting firms transition to going live.



Internal advertising, branding, and insight. Help employees successfully transition.



Post transition roles aren’t always what was expected. I will help you refine your goals.

Why Change Works Consulting?

Great Change Management Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.

Would a 99.6% on-time adoption and utilization rate reduce your client re-training and boost your profits?

Have you ever considered using change management to increase adoption of your and utilization of your ERP?

Simply put- Change management is internal Marketing and public relations.

  1. We work on a retainer with a few clients
  2. The cost is a fraction of what change management normally costs
  3. Our change management model can turn a service into a profit center
  4. You get 14 years of change management experience

The Benefits of Adding CM Effort

From ERP implementations to moving from an office to a cube, change management works to help employees adopt and utilize new systems and processes from day one.

Change Management helps to move people quickly through the transition curve.

99.6% adoption rate – you can do all of the testing but you don’t know if people are there.

The overall market for change management related to Microsoft technologies for 2019 is $9.5B, growing at 7% annually.

*Microsoft commissioned IDC study on ACM Services on Microsoft technologies.
Change Management

Problems We Solve:

People don’t automatically change

Resistance is a normal, human behavior that takes time to overcome

Shadow IT is more prominent than ever

80% admit to using their communication tool of choice

ERPs Are more than a technical migration

‘Deploy it and they will come’ doesn’t work

People & change are not one-size-fits-all

Organizations are made up of innovators, laggards and everyone in between

Value realization.

Change Management Works!


Cuyahoga County

How do you effectively reach over 6000 employees?

Cuyahoga County was implementing a new ERP system. Over 6000 employees would be required to complete Open Enrollment in the new system to be eligible for benefits in the following year.

The process required employees to in some cases log into a brand-new system 3 times. Employees were required to 1. log in and Validate their employee information. 2. Log in at a later date and update their personal information and 3. Return the system to Enroll in benefits.

In addition to having people log into a system 3 times, many employees didn’t have regular access to a computer.

To avoid having employees being defaulted to a high deductible plan, it was necessary to have as many employees enroll as possible prior to the cut off date.

I revised the strategy and tactics:


The benchmark for success was originally set at 75-80% adoption and utilization of the new ERP. My strategy and tactics resulted in an unprecedented 99.6% of all eligible county employees participating in Open Enrollment. We received accolades from the county executive as well as from the system integrator.

Clarence was brought into the Cuyahoga County ERP project to jump start our stalled change management process He developed a new strategy and tactics that directly contributed to a 99.6% success rate for Open Enrollment in the new ERP system. Not only did he receive praise from the County Executive, the system integrator also praised the unheard-of results.

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